Whale of a Time with Social Media

Author Name: Benita Bhatia Dua and Deepa Jayaraman | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details


The digital revolution is undoubtedly the biggest shift since the industrial revolution, fast becoming the number one activity on the Internet. Billions of people around the world are now on social media. Today, news is broken not at the speed of light, but at the speed of social media.

Many of us have taken to social media for personal use — to upload pictures, share stories, to like or comment, view videos and tag friends. However, organizations have been wary of using social media or have used it for limited conversations. The question that troubles most of them is not on whether they should use social media or not, but how they can get most of it, with least costs involved.

The aim of this book is to elaborate the potential of all forms of social media in helping organizations and to provide them with useful tips for applying it profitably. The book will help companies understand the limitless possibilities in which social media can contribute both strategically as well as in day-to-day operations of the business.

This book, a fable, is for entrepreneurs to use social media in their workspace and grow their outlook and business. Read through the journey of the protagonist, a Dolphin named Merlo, as she uses social media to set up her enterprise. Deep dive into her experiences, draw parallels and use the practical suggestions and step-by-step guides that are embedded throughout the book for your business success.


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Benita Bhatia Dua and Deepa Jayaraman

Benita Bhatia Dua is the CEO of Vanilla Skills, a social media consulting firm. She has been ranked among 100 Most Influential Women Online for two consecutive years. She was recently featured in Business World as one of the 100 Leaders in Female Entrepreneurs next door. She is on the top 3% of the viewed profiles in her LinkedIn network of 8000+ connections, most of the views being CEOs, MDs, Founders, Directors and Investors. Her LinkedIn Social Selling Index is 80, putting her at 1% people in her industry. Benita is a Google Certified Trainer and holds relevant certifications from IIM Ahmedabad and Stanford University, USA.

Deepa Jayaraman is a communications professional and is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for India in one of the world's leading Public Relations consultancies. She holds the title of 40 under 40’ best communications professional in India. Deepa has been instrumental in building direct engagements for brands with consumers through social conversations, which have resulted in her winning multiple global and national awards for the best use of PR. Reputation management for companies and Individuals, managing crisis and issues and driving behavioral change through communications are her core areas of expertise.


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