The Beauty of Purpose in Life How a ‘Lil Girl’ Chased Her Dreams

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Dreams can remain unfulfilled within the mind or they can become actual world realities. There are dreamers and then there are realizers.

Sahla Parveen was a dreamer but she didn't stop there. She chased her dreams and successfully realized every single one. That's why she is a true realizer. And she doesn't just want to sit there resting on her success, relaxing in the sunshine. She wants to spread the shine, share the secrets of how she accomplished it.

The Beauty of Purpose in Life is her way of doing it. Simply put, this is a book about dreams and how to realize them. An elevating story that features Sahla's inspiring journey in life from the depths of dyslexia to the heights of entrepreneurship. It's a journey where she learned something new at every turn that helped her to navigate the crossroads smoothly, never losing direction and reaching her destination safely. A journey that every one of you can complete if given the right amount of dedication and perseverance. Would-be dreamers and would-be realizers, welcome this way!


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Sahla Parveen

Sahla Parveen is a trainer by passion and an entrepreneur by profession. In her engaging training sessions, she embodies positive energy, personal insight and empowerment. Her exuberant conference and seminar appearances have inspired millions of people to realize their cherished dreams. Through her words she spreads her insight and love to the world. She combines her deep insights and experiences by revealing examples from her own life to make her training sessions special and worthy. As a broader mission, she wants to spread her unconditional love to the world through her trainings, writing and painting.

She is the Managing Director of Give and Grow global foundation and Director of Haydays ( Having established herself as a dynamic businesswoman, Sahla uses her experience and learning to make genuine outcomes in others’ lives.

During her college days, Sahla has won the “Best Manger” title 5 times in management fests held at the national level. She has been tagged as the youngest mind power trainer. She is also a gifted artist who tries to fill her canvas with positive feelings and vivid colours.


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