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“Guzar gayi muddatein na mila kisika saath,

Hum toh rahe badastoor na thama kisine haath,

Chalkein aankhon se aansoo,hili sadkein paaon taley,

Hum karte rahe intezaar,aa lag jaaye koi galey”

Jab yeh aansoon palkon ki god mein sone lage aur yeh aahein baahar aane ko chatpataye toh jee chahtaa hain ki door kisi veeraane ki aad mein us choobhti dhoop mein kaali chaadar odhey ghoomta rahoon. Takleef doo khudko, kapkapaane doo is badan ko sard hawaaon mein, jal jaane doo ise jalte alaavon mein, kyaa fark padta hain ki yeh rahe naa rahe ki ab ke khwaaish ko phir kandha na de sakoongaa.


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Sachin Bisen

Unlike other poets, he was born from young unmarried girl. His biological mother gave her child to a couple residing in a small village and told them to not to reveal the truth. He was sent to a boarding school at a mere age of nine. There he saw an aghasting face of the world and bore a number of pains. He started writing at an age of fourteen. No friend is closer to him and no other means to express his opinions and feelings. In the cyclone of time, some blank pages and a pot of ink became his best friends. Wandering in the shade of a torn umbrella he uses to laugh aloud without any reason as if he is very happy. After completing the high school education, he came back to village for furtherstudies. Accomplishing juniorcollege he moved to Nagpur to study Agricultural science. The college was an epitome of a destroyed land as if destructed by a nuclear bomb. Totally engaged in works which his heart would never allow him to do the college broke him down into a depressed boy. Then he decided to listen to his heart and to dwell in his way. He left it and again made his advent to the village for higher studies and is now a student of Physics and Mathematics.


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