Child and the Law An Indian Perspective in Plain Language

Author Name: Gautam Banerjee | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Information is power and legal information is more so! Why not go through a book that tells you what the law is as far as children are concerned?

Written in plain language, this is a book for the general public who wish to know and understand the various legal rights pertaining to children and what the legal system can do for their welfare and evolution into happy adulthood.

The fact that laws provide the infrastructure to give protection, safety and remedies for children in difficulty, under exploitation, and under delinquency is well-known. The joy the law maker gets in making beneficial laws for children finds its zenith when more and more people become aware of them. The aim of this book is to spread that awareness.

The book deals with a variety of aspects governing the life of a child from birth to adulthood, health, education, growth and development. Besides, it discusses features of the juvenile justice system, protection of children under different laws dealing with family, marriage, adoption, child labour, inheritance, illegitimacy, custody, compulsory education, guardianship and gender protection.


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Gautam Banerjee

Gautam Banerjee is a lawyer practicing in the Supreme Court of India and the Delhi High Court and is always looking forward to a better world for all through legal means. The subject of children has been very dear to him but apart from this venture, the legal author has several other successful law books to his credit.

He has carried out assignments for UNICEF, ILO and the Government of India and several of its institutions and statutory bodies. Gautam has also forayed into socially beneficial activities for the disabled and the deprived; he has been advising business corporations and charities for decades as well.


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