Publishing Services

Complete set of publishing and marketing services to create your bestseller

Price: Rs. 50 per page plus GST

Have you written your manuscript on paper? No worries. Let us help you convert your hard copy into a MS Word document. This service does not include proof reading of your typed manuscript.

Price: Rs. 0.60 per word plus GST

Copy Editing is the process of making a manuscript grammatically correct.

What is included:

Our editors will review the manuscript and suggest changes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, tone and consistency to make it as error-free as possible. You would be able to accept or reject the suggestions and post queries on the ones you need more clarity on. This would be a collaborative effort with you and the editor and the final manuscript would be the result of a consensus between both parties.

What is not included:

We would not be reviewing the plot of the book or rewriting major portions of the manuscript that change the writing style and voice of the author.


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