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Mere Do Chehre Hain
Mere Do Chehre Hain
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How many of us feel inhibited at times to carve a visible frame for our perceptions, created as a result of their interplay with the myriad expressions of the world around us ? I think many of us.In “Mere Do Chehre Hain” there is a splash of such perceptions in the form of poems penned down by an individual who has experimented from a very young age with the ambiguities of this illusory world and wants to redefine it in her own way. The title “Mere Do Chehre Hain” itself has a spontaneity that makes us wonder about the fact that all of us are living with two faces, one known to the world and the other hiding in the realms of our inner self and yet to be delved into.One will explore in “Mere Do Chehre Hain”, a play of words vividly expressing hopes with dejections, despairs with joys and victories with failures.The meandering poems are an enigmatic charm for the readers and they will soon start empathizing with the real spirit of the poems . Read them to feel and discover the unseen corners of your life which are lying neglected in the swamps of your memory and waiting to take a fresh breath any moment, this moment…