Challenge Winners

Rank Book Title Author Points
#1 testazar16519mail4 testazar16519mail4 125
#2 testazar16519mail3.1 testazar16519mail3 40
#3 testazar16519mail2 testazar16519mail 647
#4 testazar16519mail testazar16519mail 24
#5 testazar16519mail3.2 testazar16519mail3 8

About the Challenge

  • The Challenge

    Get maximum points during the Challenge period & win.

    Outsell other Notion Press authors to top the leaderboard to win the prize.

    This is a sales Challenge, winners will be chosen purely based on the number of points earned by selling books on the Notion Press Book Store, &

  • Timeline

    May 15th to 31st, 2019

    Contest is now closed

    You must top the leaderboard during this period to win this Challenge.

  • Rules

    Who Can Participate: The Challenge is open to all authors who have published their books through Notion Press.

    This Challenge is only for the print version of your book sold via the Notion Press Book Store, &

    Books sold via other channels, International & eBook sales will not be considered for the Challenge.

    Authors who buy their own books to boost their points will be identified and disqualified from the Challenge.

    Entry: Free


Other Prizes

4th - 10th Prize Get Rs.5,000 each
Top 20 books Amazon Sponsored Ads for 2 weeks

How to Win

In this Sales Challenge you can influence your chances of success by promoting your book and gaining points!

Here’s how you can earn points:

1. For every copy sold on the Notion Press Store, you earn 8 points

2. If the book is sold on the Notion Press Store using our promotion tools ( Free Shipping or Coupon Code Manager), you earn extra 2 points.

3. For every copy sold on & Flipkart, you earn 5 points.

4. If the book is sold on Amazon & Flipkart using the Promo Manager, you earn extra 2 points

5. You can also earn bonus points by completing the daily challenge

  • Sell more than 10 copies in one day - Earn 15 bonus points
  • Sell more than 25 copies in one day - Earn 50 bonus points
  • Sell more than 50 copies in one day - Earn 125 bonus points

6. If there are any returns or cancellations during the Challenge period, 5 points will be reduced in addition to the gained points for the order.

Here are some tips to help you win. You could also try techniques of your own to rake in more sales to win this Challenge. Get creative!

1. Drop the price on your book. Use the promo manager on the Notion Press dashboard to set-up the maximum discount for your book on Flipkart and Amazon.

2. Use the Free Shipping Manager to provide free shipping to your readers on the Notion Press Store.

3. Use the Coupon Code Manager on the Notion Press dashboard to create coupons. Share these coupons with your readers to offer a special price to them.

4. Create interesting posts about your book and share them everyday using bookpostr tool.

5. Collect video testimonials from your readers and share them on your social media channels.

6. Your book page will help sell your book. Email and share the link to this page to people you know, promote this page on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you want.

7. Ask people for help! To enhance your chances of winning, you'll need to mobilise your fans, friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers. Make sure everyone knows that you're in the May Sales Challenge. The more people working to promote your book, the more sales you'll get!