Vedansh Tamrakar

He is a 21 year old guy who has tried writing Urdu and Hindi poetry for 6 years. He wrote and used every word he knew and words fell short in 2 years. Then he went to a ‘Maulvi Sahab’ for guidance and learnt Urdu. He has, since then, looked for words to express what he feels and has tried to convey his feelings through those words.

He learnt the harsh truth of life at a young age, the truth that he was bound to live alone. He built a building of freedom on the foundation of dreams and smiled on every cruel thing that the world offered to him. He let in the words that touched his heart and always kept challenging: himself, God and everyone. He loved people with all of his heart and didn't leave a chance to destroy himself at it.


What is life? This question kept ringing in his life. There is only one aim to this book and his life, to spread hope and happiness in any way possible. To give people the strength to not just survive, but to live another day, happily.



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Nigah-baa’n” is a journey and also a destination… It is a world of dreams that expresses the bitter truth of life and also teaches how to fight it. A place where truth and freedom are. Where there is fear but so is courage, and most importantly, where there is hope.

A hope for a better tomorrow. Another day, which won't be a settlement from situ

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