M Upender Reddy

Upender Reddy is a hard-core software professional in the IT field. As a voracious reader, he has harboured a long-standing ambition to author a good book himself. A sworn Hyderabadi with simple tastes but brilliant thoughts, Upender aims to create stories that compel, intrigue, challenge, educate, and entertain readers. 


Beneath the Eyes

Books by M Upender Reddy

Everyone gathered around as the child opened his eyes. They stared at the monitor as the chip attached to the child's optic nerve began to relay his vision on it. There was nothing. The child appeared to watch an empty corner of the room, focusing his eyes on something invisible. The people around followed his gaze, but could only see a blank wall. Puzzled, they looked at each other inquiringly. The child continued to stare.

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