Sunil Sapra

Sunil Sapra is founder and CEO of Singapore-based growth accelerator for early stage software companies, and has been involved with many startups in his 23 years of work. 


He has been passionate about theatre since childhood and has participated in plays, dramas and other stage activities. During his college days at BITS Pilani, he acted in, directed and modified a few Hindi plays. He lost touch with this creative side and for many years and didn’t do anything in this domain. After moving to Singapore in 2013, he started writing poems, and it was during the silver jubilee reunion of his batch that his poetic side found its “Faqeera”. Since then, he has written over 400 poems in the last 3 years. Most of his poems are inspired by the daily life and what goes on around us. When you read his poems, you will feel as if you have written them yourself, and that’s the power of Faqeera.



Books by Sunil Sapra

Do you have a nomadic spirit inside you? Do think you have achieved all worldly pleasures and yet there is a vacuum somewhere within you. There is something missing, something that doesn’t let you sleep. An inner voice that keeps talking to you and wants to come out loud and clear. If yes, then you have a faqeera inside you. Let that faqeera c

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