Shubhajoy Biswas

Shubhajoy Biswas is a Business Analyst working for one of the many IT companies. His work takes him to different places all over the world – and he has met a many people from different cultures and societies, realizing that we are not that different from each other. We eat the same food, breathe the same air and, sometimes, even think on similar lines! He likes to study people (when not studying requirements), the way they behave. And this is what his writing is all about – about normal people, salaried people, housewives, retired people and their day-to-day lives. When not in his writing mode, he visits new places, spends an occasional weekend in the kitchen and can ditch any plans for a good Jhumpa Lahiri book!


He is based out of Bangalore, although his heart lies in New Jersey, where his nephew is growing up. Growing up in Jamshedpur, he dusts off some days, in a couple of years, visiting his native where his parents are living. He is currently spending a lot of time working off ideas for his next book and planning the interiors of his house.


A Memory Beginning with ‘R’

Books by Shubhajoy Biswas

A Memory Beginning with ‘R’

Ashish was like any other guy next door, loved cricket, and shook a leg or two at a suitable beat. Things began to change when he entered into a relationship – his first relationship, which had defined him – as a person and a partner. Many years later, they had the opportunity to meet again – as time and destiny conspired to place him in the predicament, he wo

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