Sabeeha Zaynab Hussain

Sabeeha is a young doctor from a bi-racial family. She speaks four languages which she always seems to mix up when angry. She is an avid reader with no genre restrictions. She started writing almost as early as when she learnt to read. She is always seen sleeping, cooking, eating, working out, reading or writing. She lives in Abuja-Nigeria and has plenty  of cats.



Books by Sabeeha Zaynab Hussain

This is for Love.

Heartbreak, injustice, war, slavery, anger, vengeance, forgiveness, healing, self-love - life.

This is a voice for the voiceless.

Illuminating the darkness of societal norms.

You will walk in my shoes,

See through my eyes.

I will snatch the rug of delusion right under your feet.

You will spark, ignite, burn and rise from the ashes with me.

Writing is rebellion. Breaking free from conformation i

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