Rohit Padala

Rohit Padala was born in 2003 in Hyderabad. He is a student, an avid reader and is passionate about writing. His aim for his first book is to deliver a new book that younger readers will relish. Rohit believes that ideas can strike at random times and places. The idea for Vortex developed over a car ride, on a flyover when he saw the streetlights. To do what you love, no matter what others say, no matter who you are; is his belief. Rohit finds his soul in the essence and beauty of words.


He currently lives in Hyderabad with his parents and sister.



Books by Rohit Padala

Aleric finds a world full of supernatural powers and possibilities. Decisions lay scattered across his path, and he can’t trust anyone. These tricky situations make him doubt his lineage.

Will Aleric be able to discover the truth?

Was there nothing his parents were hiding from him all these years?

Aleric watches on as everythi

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