Pravin Shekar

Pravin is a startup specialist, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur! He is a disrupter, always exploring newer ways of doing things.

As a governing council member of TiE Chennai and the Vice President of the Market Research Society of India, Pravin regularly interacts with entrepreneurs and marketers across the globe, and understands the universal pain point: to do more with less!

This book underlines his quest as a marketing catalyst, encouraging you to:

Disrupt, Defy, and Do! To be an Outlier Marketer and make your mark!



Devil Does Care

Books by Pravin Shekar

The Devil lies in the Details.

When the Details are missed, the Devil comes out.

It is the same with your marketing budget.

Spending oodles of money on marketing and branding activities is not the only way for a cash-crunched startup to win relevant clients. Instead, try Outlier marketing.

Dear Startup Entrepreneur,

Why did you start up? What are you selling? Why do you want to spend money on branding ‘activities’? Do you have an unlimited marketing budget?

These are questions you must ask yourself, as they all address one word: Purpose

Outlier marketing deals with a simple tenet: what you do must get the ROI that you expect. If not, it is a waste of time and money. There’s so much we can do, with what is around and within us.

Devil Does Care provides examples, ideas and a direction for you to do more with less!

Make things happen. Grow the Guerrilla way.

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