Piyush H. shah

Piyush H Shah is a retired government employee. He has eight technical papers to his credit, written for national and international seminars. He has read the major religious books such as Vedas, Gita, Upanishads, Bible, Quran and also technical papers of cosmologist Stephen Hawking.

After retirement, he has focused on spreading true knowledge about non-existence of god to the world. He does not believe in soul, life after death, reincarnation, principle of karma and superstitions. His goal in life is to spread the truth about non-existence of god and eliminate ignorance.


God Is Not

Books by Piyush H. Shah

God Is Not deals about how the concept of god was created during Stone Age due to underdeveloped brains of human beings and inadequate scientific knowledge. The Stone Age man was afraid of natural calamities and unpredictable behavior of nature. The reasons of life and death, day and night and natural phenomena were beyond his understanding, and consequently, he started believing in God. Later on, places of worship were bu

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