Pankaj Maurya

Born and brought up in Delhi, Pankaj comes from a poor family. He sold vegetables in his childhood with his father. Though he was the son of a vegetable seller, he dreamed like a Prince. Since his childhood, he dreamed of becoming a celebrity and wanted to find his princess. Pankaj was unlucky in love, having been dumped eight times, but never gave up. He faced many rejections in his professional and personal life, and despite it all, achieved great heights. He is an author, a teacher, a motivational speaker and a psychologist. He holds motivational workshops on various topics ranging from mind power and success to psychology and leadership. "The Victory of Love" is his attempt to inspire others to become successful in all walks of life.


The Victory of Love

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Love is not a business but a power that can help one understand the world. This is the story of a person who was a failure his whole life, but to others, not to himself. Alin sold vegetables on the road and later became an English language trainer, motivational speaker, novelist and psychologist.

Love was his passion. He became an inspiration for many.


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