M.R. Subramanian

The author known as MRS in India and RSM in the USA came into this world on 22nd Nov 1949. He worked for 24 years in the Defence R&D Labs in Avadi, Chennai and then in Bangalore at the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

In 1996, he began working in the software industry in the USA. After a lot of ups and downs in life he came ashore to India in 2010. He now wants to spend the rest of his life offering unasked advice and opinions. He has been married for the last 36 years and has two smart and ambitious children. At present, he is cherishing his wealth, freedom, peace of mind and self-realization.

'I see' is the motto for Sagittarians. They are always on a quest for meaning and are attracted to the higher reaches of knowledge. The author feels he fits the bill perfectly as a Sagittarian, which reflects in the The Art of Seeing.


The Art of Seeing

Books by M.R. Subramanian

Visit the Disney Land of vision, cognition and perception and enjoy the journey through this book. Read it and find yourself inspired and equipped to transform your world - and your life. The author has delineated the vision, philosophy and fragrance of some spiritual legends.

He has taken up forty interesting questions as eternal arguments and explored them so as to provide interesting perceptions as answers. His Perception of a choreography for achiev

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