Lolita Jude

Lolita Jude has worked extensively with children. She strongly believes that every child must enjoy his/her childhood.  She wants them to dream the impossible and to live their life to the fullest. Through her work, she hopes to inspire them to think out of the box and reach for the stars, thus making every day of their life count. Her other books include Spectra, Sabotage and Stolen.



Books by Lolita Jude

On a trip to a remote part of the world, the Aces Club members uncover the most heinous crime they ever thought possible! Will they manage to escape unscathed? Will this be the end of the Aces?

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Books by Lolita Jude

The Aces Club members – Jude, Dom, Veronica, Cara and Mignonne – are back with yet another action-filled adventure!

When Megan’s friend Aarti’s college acceptance letter disappears without a trace, the Aces Club sensing that something was amiss, enlists Megan, Karl and Jodie’s help and set out to solve the mystery. In the process, they learn a lot of new interesting things…

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