C Imlimeren

The author, C Imlimeren (39), is a freelance journalist and a teacher in school. He loves telling original stories to kids and these stories inspired him to compile this first volume. He has worked at the Hindustan Times and other news agencies. He is currently working on a collection of essays on different social discourses, especially addressing the youth and students. His hobbies include listening to classical music and watching soccer matches. He is married and has a son. 


Prince of Doyang River and Other Bedtime Stories for Children

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Never did the princess of Narmada river imagine that her trip to Doyang river would change her life forever. She became the cause of a conflict that would have been disastrous. How did she get lost in the river? How was she rescued from being in an aquarium?

Was the funny fish captain Mustafa’s antics successful?

It was the largest pumpkin that ever grew but it was a wonder that they would discover something strange inside it.

The undergr

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