Chinmay Chakravarty

Chinmay Chakravarty has been writing in his mother tongue Assamese and in English since his school days. He started his career with a brief stint as a freelance journalist and then joined the Indian Information Service. Chinmay has served various organizations in the wonderful city of Mumbai for most part of his career. Journalistic nature of his work helped him immensely to carry on with his writing activities. He has published his articles, humor narratives and short stories in various publications ranging from newspapers, periodicals and journals to ezines, blogs and web article directories. In his official capacity he has edited three Film Festival Main Books, edited Festival News Bulletins and newsletters. He has also worked in several film and video making projects and directed few documentaries and television programmes. ‘Laugh And Let Laugh’ is Chinmay Chakravarty’s first solo book.


Laugh and Let Laugh

Books by Chinmay Chakravarty

You won’t find it hard to find a laugh…if you want to. It’s all around you. You find it even in the most stressed situations, in the awesomely fearsome moments, in the height of boredom times…not to speak of the hilarious situations that abound at your home or in work places or on the streets or in public places or anywhere. You don’t need to make caricatures out of perfect human beings to find it…you only need to delve

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