Antony Innocent

Antony Innocent, an Internationally Certified NLP Trainer, is a Life and Executive coach. He is an acclaimed and certified Soft Skills Trainer with 10+ years of experience. 

The author is also a seasoned voice trainer who trains public speakers and media personalities on the effective use of their voice for guaranteed impact. 

Antony Innocent is the creator of the flagship program, FamilyGaga – Fun on the Fly Family Enrichment Seminars for married couples, a first of its kind family enrichment seminar in India, delivered by his entire family, which includes his wife and nine year old son. Through these highly engaging, fun filled, seminars the author and his family help married couples reclaim their love for each other and lead more meaningful marriage/family life. Visit to learn more about the author and more about the FamilyGaga - Fun on the Fly Family Enrichment Workshops. 



Fun on the Fly

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Learning to have fun as we go is the key to happy family life and happy marriage.

This book presents very simple but exciting ideas on how to spend time with one’s family having fun on daily basis.

Be prepared to see a difference in the way you lead your family life, even as you are busy achieving your financial goals. Loads of laughter, fun and excitement are

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