Brij Kaul is a prolific prose writer and a poet, who has been writing from an early age. 


He is a glass and ceramic expert by profession and a writer by choice. Hardworking and dedicated, he has tasted success in both of these diametrically opposite fields. He also writes blogs that have a global fan following. 


The author’s lucid, flowing writing style is powerful and engrossing.  His book Straight from the Heart touches on various topics. 



Straight from the Heart

Books by

The book caters to audiences with varied interests. A flashback of memories, moments, and long-standing experiences weave a compelling, earthy narration.

The articles, though disparate, are easy flowing and music to the ear and mind.

Some are based on poetry that speak of passion and love; some are random political narrations based on world events; some about Kas

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